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Roland Kern, an accomplished musician and passionate teacher, opens the doors to his musical universe through a variety of encounters and workshops designed for all music lovers, from beginners to experienced musicians.

Roland Kern offers viola da gamba workshops, exploring with his pupils a rich and varied repertoire ranging from early music to his own original compositions. These courses are aimed at anyone wishing to discover this fascinating instrument or deepen their knowledge of it.

Even if you don’t own an instrument, Roland can provide you with a viola da gamba for the duration of the workshops.

Experience and training

Roland Kern’s expertise rests on a solid foundation, combining rigorous academic training with rich and varied practical experience. He spent twelve years at the Conservatoire d’Aix-en-Provence, perfecting his art with renowned teachers. At the same time, he took part in numerous professional training courses and concerts, working with talented musicians. Aside from music, Roland also holds a post-graduate diploma (DEA) in educational science, a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in sports and physical education (STAPS), as well as a mountain leader’s certificate (brevet d’État d’accompagnateur en montagne), which enabled him to teach in the national education system as a PE teacher for many years. He has also discovered that music and sport are closely linked, complementing each other to such an extent that his knowledge of sport brings a great deal to music.

Musical Workshops

In addition to individual lessons, Roland Kern also offers solo and small group music workshops, providing an immersive experience in the world of music. These workshops are designed to stimulate creativity, foster artistic expression and encourage musical exploration.

  • Instrumental Learning Workshop: In this workshop, Roland guides participants through the viola da gamba, teaching playing techniques and helping them to develop their mastery of the instrument. Whether you are a novice or an experienced musician, you will find here an environment conducive to your artistic progress.


  • Composition workshop: Thanks to his vast experience, Roland also offers music composition workshops, where participants can explore and develop their own musical language. He shares his knowledge and advice to help budding composers bring their musical ideas to life.

Musical Awakening Workshop

Roland Kern also organises music creation workshops specially designed for young children. These workshops aim to stimulate their musical, sensory and cognitive development from an early age, through fun, creative and interactive activities. Children will have the opportunity to explore sounds, rhythm, instrument manipulation and develop their musical creativity, all in a caring and stimulating environment.

Meeting and Sharing

As a fervent advocate of sharing and transmitting, Roland Kern is available for meetings and musical exchanges throughout France. Whether it’s for artistic collaborations, educational events or simply to discuss music, he’s on hand to nurture everyone’s musical passion.

If you would like to find out more about courses, workshops or meetings with Roland Kern, please contact him to discuss your needs and expectations. Music is waiting to be discovered and explored in all its facets.