Roland Kern’s album recordings

To composition

A talented composer and performer, Roland Kern also records his works in the manner of a sound engineer. He devotes himself to recording his own albums, showcasing his art and expertise not only in composition, but also in music production. Equipped with professional equipment and specialised recording training, he brings his creations to life with meticulous sound quality. He also works with highly skilled professionals for the mixing and mastering stages.


Roland Kern records instrumental parts for albums and singles, whether on the bass viol, double bass viol or above the viol. His mastery of this rare and ancient instrument brings a unique dimension to recordings, adding incomparable richness and depth to each track.

A rare photo shows us backstage at the recording of the album “8 Châteaux de la Loire”, capturing the magical moment when the music comes to life in the majestic chapel of the Château de Chambord. This image testifies to Kern’s commitment to creating recordings of exceptional quality, imbued with the unique atmosphere of the places where they were conceived.