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Tailor-made compositions

Immerse yourself in a world where music blends with France’s iconic landmarks, a harmonious fusion of art and architecture shaped by the exceptional talent of Roland Kern. Like a painter captivated by landscapes, Roland Kern creates his musical compositions directly on the sites that inspire him, offering each place a unique symphony, a sound story in its own right.

With a delicate mastery of the viola da gamba, Roland Kern uses each note like a paintbrush, each chord like a splash of colour, to create melodies that enchant and transport the listener on a sensory journey. Each place becomes a canvas, each piece a composition of unequalled richness of sound.

Far from being content with the spontaneity of the moment, Roland Kern perfects his creations with the care of an accomplished artist. In his studio, he refines every detail, polishing every note to create a musical work that is both meticulous and original, capturing the very essence of the place that inspired him.

Enhancing prestigious venues

An experienced composer, Roland Kern has lent his virtuosity to many prestigious venues, leaving his musical imprint in places steeped in history and emotion. Among his most remarkable works are those composed for architectural gems such as the Château de Chambord and the Jacobins Convent in Toulouse.

But Roland Kern’s inspiration is not limited to stone walls and ancient turrets. His love of nature is reflected in albums such as “Les Pyrénées”, where every note evokes the majesty of wild landscapes and mountain peaks.

Through his music, Roland Kern offers an immersive experience, a plunge into the history and atmosphere of each place. The notes of his viola da gamba transport us through time, inviting us to explore bygone eras (Baroque, Renaissance) while offering us a contemporary interpretation, rich in nuance and emotion.

Towards new horizons

Always on the lookout for new horizons, Roland Kern seeks out iconic locations and natural settings conducive to the development of his art. If you have any suggestions or ideas to share, don’t hesitate to contact him via the contact page. Your contribution could inspire his next musical creation.

His works are now accessible to everyone, thanks to streaming platforms, offering the chance to enjoy his original compositions during moments of relaxation, discovery or exploration. What’s more, for music fans who want to immerse themselves further in his world, sheet music for his compositions is available for purchase, enabling anyone to learn how to play his spellbinding melodies.

Finally, for those who wish to enjoy a unique experience in the company of the composer himself, workshops are organised, offering the opportunity to share a special moment, explore his creative process and discover the art of musical composition from the inside.

In these two striking photos, Roland Kern is captured in full creative mode at the Château de Langeais, giving birth to an eponymous composition imbued with the magic of this place steeped in history. In another equally impressive setting, he played his composition “Le Château de Chambord” in the very heart of the spiral staircase during the Fête de la Musique, offering his audience a unique and unforgettable musical experience.

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