Roland Kern’s literary project

The intimate experience

Between 2020 and 2021, Roland Kern embarked on a new artistic adventure: writing his first diary. Taking up an artist’s residence at the prestigious Château de Chambord, he seized the opportunity to explore the depths of his soul and transcribe his emotions onto paper. The majestic setting of the château and its unique environment provided the backdrop for this immersive literary experience.

In his diary, soberly entitled “Artist’s residence at the Château de Chambord”, Roland Kern reveals what goes on behind the scenes of his daily life in this building steeped in history. Through his words, he offers an intimate perspective of his experience, sharing his thoughts, inspirations and inner struggles. Each page is imbued with the magic of the place, capturing the very essence of this intense creative period.

This literary project marks a new stage in Roland Kern’s artistic journey, allowing him to reveal himself in a new light, far removed from the scores and melodies that have marked his career to date. In writing, he explores uncharted territory, revealing a little-known facet of his creative talent.

Discovering the newspaper

For those who wish to delve into the captivating world of Roland Kern, here is an exclusive extract from his diary:

« Here too, in the Château de Chambord, time really does seem to stand still. For me, as for many other people, it’s a question of using this moment to refocus on what’s essential. In my case, on the essentials of what my life as an artist should be: creation, the plunge into myself, into the heart of my being, which I like to call the “fondu”. “Fondu” as in “fond-du”, because for me it’s the heart of my being. Like magma is for planet Earth. And which, paradoxically, I see as a bottomless pit, a mystery. A sort of black hole, or wormhole, in itself, where the singularity is housed, as in the universe. Around which the world and the galaxies begin to revolve. But here we are talking about the singularity of the subject. This is where each individual can fulfil himself, be himself, from his central core, while at the same time finding his place in society, through the social bond. Provided, however, that society, and in particular other people and institutions, give them the space to build and flourish. This is rarely the case. But in my case, at the moment, it is. Because I’m allowed to be myself, and to sublimate from my central core, so to speak. Central core. Like my artistic pseudonym, ‘Kern’, which means core or heart in German. And also, for the time being, like the central, empty core of the double-revolution staircase at Chambord, around which symbolically revolves everything else in the château, and even in the world, in an architecture based on the golden ratio and in the shape of a Greek cross. The architecture of this château speaks to me. »

For those wishing to learn more about this unique inner journey, the full book is now available, offering a captivating and inspiring read for anyone seeking to discover the artist behind the music.