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For over ten years, Roland Kern has been offering regular solo concerts on the viola da gamba, where classical music (baroque, contemporary or contemporary) blends with the venue, creating a unique experience where magic works to the delight of the audience. More than just a concert of viola da gamba music, it’s a veritable artistic ensemble brought to life by the talented fingers of Roland Kern.

The next 4 concerts

19 April 2024

Espace Johnny Hallyday
Viviers (07) , FRANCE

21 June 2024

Château de Chambord (41)

21 june 2024

Château de Cheverny
(41) ,FRANCE

22 june 2024

Château de Talcy (41)

on the viola da gamba

After playing for a long time in ensemble and then solo, in early music repertoire, which he can still do, Roland Kern has given a new direction to his art. Since 2018, with the concept of in situ musical creations, Roland Kern has been able to develop and assert concerts that are completely singular and unique, as he proposes to take his audience on a journey through an encounter with the places that have inspired him, his viola da gamba and his art of creating and performing. In front of 300 people, or in an intimate setting ranging from the palliative care unit of a hospital to a mountain refuge or France’s most famous châteaux and writers’ homes, Roland Kern’s concerts will take you on a journey of discovery.

Concert in France
and in Europe

Roland Kern performs all over France and is also planning dates in Europe in the future. Whether you’re looking for free or paying concerts, for a young or adult audience, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for. Keep up to date by checking the calendar on the website, subscribing to the newsletter or following Roland Kern on social networks.

Below, two photos of concerts given to over 500 people at the Château de Chambord and the Jacobins Convent in Toulouse, to mark the release of his albums “8 Châteaux de la Loire” and “Révélations”, written and recorded in situ at these iconic venues.

Roland Kern - Couvent des Jacobins
Roland Kern - Couvent des Jacobins