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Les 8 châteaux
de la Loire

Couvent des

8 demeures

Les Pyrénées

Discover a new experience with Roland Kern’s streaming music tours: immerse yourself in works on the viola da gamba, specially composed on site, while exploring the places you visit.

How do I access the music?

  • Take your smartphone with you,
  • Click on the album you want to listen to,
  • Select your preferred streaming platform,
  • Click and let yourself be carried away by the music during your
    your visit.

For your comfort and the respect of all, we advise you to use headphones so as not to disturb other visitors.

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8 Châteaux de la Loire

youtubemusicspotifydeezer – Le Château de Beauregard
youtubemusicspotifydeezer– Le Château de Blois
youtubemusicspotifydeezer – Le Château de Chambord
youtubemusicspotifydeezer – Le Château de Cheverny
youtubemusicspotifydeezer – Le Château de Langeais
youtubemusicspotifydeezer – Le Château du Rivau
youtubemusicspotifydeezer – Le Château d’Usse
youtubemusicspotifydeezer – Le Château de Villandry


youtubemusicspotifydeezer – Le Couvent des Jacobins

8 demeures d’écrivains

youtubemusicspotifydeezer – Musée Rabelais
youtubemusicspotifydeezer– Musée de Balzac
youtubemusicspotifydeezer – Maison de George Sand
youtubemusicspotifydeezer – Maison école du grand Meaulnes
youtubemusicspotifydeezer – Musée Marcel Proust
youtubemusicspotifydeezer – Prieuré Saint Cosme et Manoir de la Poissonnière
youtubemusicspotifydeezer – Musée Marguerite Audoux

Les pyrénées

youtubemusicspotifydeezer – Brèche de Roland
youtubemusicspotifydeezer – Cirque de Gavarnie
youtubemusicspotifydeezer – Grange de Holle
youtubemusicspotifydeezer – Lourdes
youtubemusicspotifydeezer – Pic du Midi
youtubemusicspotifydeezer – Pont d’espagne
youtubemusicspotifydeezer – Réserve de Neouvielle
youtubemusicspotifydeezer – Tourmalet